Who is Gabby Goodwin of GaBBy Bows?

Who is Gabby Goodwin of GaBBy Bows?


Meet GabbY Goodwin: A Teen CEO Redefining Beauty

Introducing 16-year-old CEO GaBBY and her visionary mom, Rozalynn, founders of Confidence by Gabby Goodwin. At just 7 years old, GaBBY's quest for durable barrettes sparked an innovative journey. Their patented Double-Face Double Snap Barrette transformed into a global brand in seven years.

Today, they offer GaBBY Bows, plant-based wash-and-style products, mentorship programs, and a retail haven for growing girls. Their mission remains steadfast: elevate confidence, nurture community, and revolutionize beauty for girls and their cherished moms.

Experience their extraordinary journey in this compelling video.


As you've now glimpsed into Gabby's incredible journey and the innovative products she's brought to the world, we invite you to experience the magic of GaBBY Bows and CONFIDENCE for yourself.

Click the links below to explore a range of ingenious accessories and natural hair products designed to make styling a breeze.

Join us in supporting this dynamic young CEO and her mission to empower girls and moms alike in their entrepreneurial pursuits. 



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