Luster's Pink

Luster's Pink

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Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion Pink Protection

Helps stop breakage
Conditions Dry Hair and Scalp
Controls Split Ends
For medium and coarse hair textures

A light protective hair lotion and conditioner that is designed to protect, condition, and restore natural oils and moisture to your hair. It is absorbed by your hair to help protect it from dryness and brittleness caused by blow drying, hot curling, or combing. It is specially formulated to maintain your hair's natural moisture level. Oil Moisturizer can be used daily by the entire family.


Moisturizing Curly Styles
Grooming Short Hair
Blow Drying
Setting Hair (Use along with setting lotion)
Use as a Scalp Oil
Conditions Damaged Hair
Helps Prevent Breakage and Controls Split Ends