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Optimum Multi-Mineral Relaxer-Regular

Optimum Multi-Mineral Relaxer-Regular

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Directions:  DO NOT SHAMPOO BEFORE RELAXING. Check condition of client's hair and scalp. Select correct formulation. Avoid vigorous brushing, combing or tugging.1. Apply OptiCalm Pre-Relaxer Protector on skin around hairline and ears. Avoid hair.2. Set timer according to Relaxing Timing Chart prior to application of product.3. Wearing protective gloves begin application, using thin partings. Apply an adequate amount to each section. Begin in the most resistant area using back of rattail comb

Optimum Multi-Mineral Relaxer Regular, 14.1 oz

  • Contains moisturizing conditioners.
  • Makes your hair straight, shiny and beautiful to the touch.
  • Conditions before, during and after relaxing, and works at 3 levels of the hair to repair, rebuild and replenish for 4x less breakage.
  • Recommended for normal hair textures, optimum care salon collection relaxer has a professional strength formula for perfect salon straight results.


Keep out of reach of children.


Instructions: Use as directed on package

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