Tanglemaster Detangling Brush

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PuffCuff's TangleMaster® Detangling Brush is the revolutionary new version of the classic equine brush. We've taken everything you loved about the classic design and made a few enhancements. This new and improved version features flexing rows and perfectly spaced tines for detangling that's free of pain, pulling, and tearing. Our ergonomic handle and malleable materials mean you don't have to worry about a broken brush, even while gliding through the toughest of tangles. The TLDR: This is a must for everyone in the curly hair community.

  • Speed up detangling time
  • Brush vertically to hair strands for best results
  • Gentle on hair. No ripping or tearing.
  • Puts less stress on hair strands.
  • Nonporous. Will not absorb hair products.
  • Easy to clean. Shedding hair easily lifts from the brush
  • Based on an equine detangling brush