4 Quick Natural Hairstyles Perfect for the Holidays

The holidays come with enough stress when it comes to scheduling the grocery store runs, Christmas present runs, and then scheduling everything to be cooked and come out warm around the same time. Don't stress about your hair, and how long it will take you to look your best when it's time to sit down for dinner! Even if dinner is small this year, we want to be cute!

1. Classic Puff

Who said a puff can’t be holiday picture worthy? You can never go wrong with a clean puff and beautifully laid edges! If you are tired of popping your hair ties, and fidgeting with toothbrushes on your edges, shop our Puff Cuff and Edge Brush to complete your holiday look!

2. Halo Braid

When you think of a halo, you think of Jesus and angels. Why shouldn’t you get in on the fun? A simple, single, thick braid around your crown gives the sass and elegance you need to get all of the double-taps on the ‘gram!

3. Chunky Braid Out

Between making mac and cheese, dressing (or do you say stuffing?), ham, greens, turkey, and dessert, do you really have time to tend to your hair? A chunky braid out with 4-6 big, flat braids will give you the perfect natural body wave with only 20 minutes of prep time!

4. Bantu Knots

Yes. Bantu knots! Part, twist, gel it down two days early and you will still be good on Christmas Day! This low-maintenance do is also an awesome protective style that won’t break your bank, and is super easy to achieve at home!

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