About Us

Why Envy Us?

Our goal at Envy Us Beauty Supply is to bring you the widest selection of beauty

products to meet your every day needs. We accomplish this by stocking

the most relevant selection of products, to including the latest trends

and recent releases. Thereby providing you a one-stop

shop for all your beauty needs and a trust resource

for the latest products.




Why you Envy Us?

Envy Us Beauty was born from the need to provide a wide selection of quality

beauty products and product education in a single location. When shopping

for beauty products, most customers spend hours searching product

descriptions and watching hair tutorials prior to entering a beauty

supply store to make a purchase. At Envy Us Beauty Supply,

we have Beauty Consultants on staff ready to answer your

questions about the products on our shelves. 



How we Envy You?

Envy Us Beauty Supply is here to serve the needs of all genders and cultures.

If you are interested in a product that is not currently on our shelves,

please request it from one of our Beauty Consultants. We can tell

you when it will be in stock or, in some cases, order the

product for you.