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Tips on Caring for Your Natural Hair

Maintaining your natural hair is like keeping a work of art. See, it comes in a range of textures, including waves, curls, coils, and kinks, all of which are equally gorgeous and flexible. 

The trick to finding a way for your hair to look and feel its best is to develop a healthy regimen that focuses on moisturizing and protecting your natural hair.

Learn more about your own natural texture and how you may nourish your lovely locs in the sections below.


When shampooing your hair, choose a mild, moisturizing shampoo that will gently cleanse rather than deprive your hair of its natural oils. In this instance, sulfate-containing shampoos should be avoided because these compounds are known to dry and peel textured hair.

The frequency with which you wash your hair is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. Generally, washing your hair less than once a week can dry it out and cause more harm than good, although this varies from person to person.


Hair conditioner replenishes any moisture that was lost during the cleansing process. Apply a sufficient amount of nourishing conditioner to your hair and thoroughly massage it. Before washing out, remember to pay special attention to your ends.

Apply a leave-in conditioner before styling to help your curls absorb all the nourishing goodness between washes. They also keep your curls moisturized and defined until your next wash day.


Here are the two most common ways to avoid damage and breakage in natural hair:

  • Protective styling: Braids, faux locs, twists, and wigs protect the hair by encasing it partially or completely, making it less vulnerable to damage.


Here are some of the best ways to keep those curls and coils growing now that you’ve covered the basics of a solid routine.

  • Nighttime care: Don’t waste all your hard work by having a bad nighttime routine. Hair friction can be caused by tossing and turning at night, which can be exacerbated by cotton pillows. 

Wear a silk or satin bonnet/scarf and use a silk or satin pillowcase while sleeping to enclose your hair and minimize friction damage. This will also help to prevent frizz, so it’s a win-win situation.

  • Treatments: Deep conditioning treatments are always a winner when your curls need a little more attention. They provide a powerful rush of moisture that helps to restore curls and luster while also moisturizing and reducing frizz. 

Monthly hot oil treatments are a terrific method to nourish natural black hair and give it a little extra care.


A routine that maximizes hydration and nourishment for natural hair is essential. You need hydration from water and the proper hair care products because it’s more difficult for the scalp’s natural oils to get down a curly hair length to moisturize it.

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