Envy Us Style Guide: Butterfly Locs

Envy Us Style Guide: Butterfly Locs

What are they?

Butterfly locs have made a rapid appearance over the last few years. The signature look features a distressed boho appearance with curly loops. These loops differentiate them from standard distressed locs. 

Products to use 

To create the perfect Butterfly locs look, we recommend the following hair:

22″ Freetress Water Wave

Cuban Twist - Marley Braiding Hair


Crochet Hair Option:



Hair accessories and products you’ll need:

Crochet needle

 Rubber bands (optional)

Nail glue (optional)

Shine N Jam - Magic Fingers Setting Mousse


How to install 

If you want to get butterfly locs that are longer than your natural hair, you may need to add filler hair. The best approach is to use Marley hair or any wavy hair to wrap and braid the hair into your hair to achieve the desired length. 

There are a few different methods you can use to install Butterfly locs. However, regardless of the method you use, you may need to start by soaking the hair in Apple Cider Vinegar to avoid itching.

Step 1: Braid or twist the hair

  • Wash and deep condition your hair.
  • Use Shine N Jam - Extra Hold Gel to neaten the parts.
  • Use rubber bands to section and hold the parts.
  • Braid or twist the hair using added hair to achieve the desired length.

Step 2:  Prep the water wave hair

  • Take two pieces of hair and separate them.
  • The hair should be fluffy but together.

Step 3: Crocheting the hair into the base of the braid (Crochet Method)

  • Cornrow hair into desired braid pattern.
  • Take the crochet needle and place it through the base of your braid near your scalp.
  • Place the hair in the needle’s hook, close it and pull it through until you have about ¾ of the hair on one side.
  • Thread the loc through the loop and pull to secure.

Step 4: Create the locs (Individual Method)

  • Grab the shorter piece of the hair and hold it with the braid. 
  • Begin wrapping the longer piece of hair with the shorter piece tucked against the braid.
  • Wrap the root 4-5 times to secure.
  • To create the loops, use the thumb technique: wrap the hair around the thumb twice, remove the thumb and pull to secure.
  • Secure the ends by creating a loop then wrapping the hair back up the loc to secure the loop.
  • Seal the ends with nail glue.

Step 5: Set the style

Enjoy the fabulous style you created! Go be Envy Us! 💚

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