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Simple Ways to Make Your Box Braids Stay Fabulous for Longer

Anyone who has had box braids done knows how tedious it is to get the perfect look. You'll want to keep that flawless braided appearance for as long as possible after spending hours in the salon chair getting it. 

While we don't advocate putting your box braids in for more than eight weeks, here are some techniques to keep them looking fresh and tidy till the end.

Keep It Moisturized

You'll want to stay on track with your natural hair care to keep it hydrated and healthy, even if it's braided. To keep your braids glossy and sleek, you have a few alternatives for moisturizing them. 

Try a hot oil treatment on wash days by massaging the oil of your choice into your scalp slowly. Olive or jojoba or a blend of many oils together works well.

Braid sprays are an excellent option for moisture on the run during the week. Braid sprays, made with moisturizing oils and conditioners, provide lightweight hydration and gloss to your braids.

Don't Forget Wash Day

You need to wash your braids at roughly the three-week point to prevent product accumulation. If you get them wet at the beach or pool, you'll need to wash them sooner and more frequently. 

This will not only clean your scalp, but it will also remove any excess weight from cosmetics and dust from your strands.

Don't Over-Style It

You can style your braids in various ways, which is one of its best advantages. While it's tempting to pull your braids into a high ponytail or a magnificent top knot all the time, the consequences aren't worth it. 

The frequent wear and tear might result in loose braids and a quicker removal time. This stress can also harm your natural hair, causing shedding and hair loss if you pull too hard. While doing these styles now and then is fine, it's recommended to keep your styles lowkey most of the time.

Night Care

It's recommended to wrap your braids in a satin scarf or bonnet before bed. This can help to prevent friction and frizz while you sleep, as well as protect your braids. If bonnets and scarves aren't your style, you may get a similar effect with a silk or satin pillowcase.

Braid Touch-Ups

If all else fails and your box braids become fuzzier than you'd like before the eight weeks are over, a hairline touch-up is a viable option. Because most people only see the perimeter of your braids, re-braiding your hairline is a simple and quick way to achieve a salon-fresh appearance in no time.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Whatever techniques and tactics you use to keep your braids looking good, keep in mind that they aren't supposed to stay forever. These methods will make your braids look their best for the next eight weeks, but it's advisable to take them down after that.

You need to give your hair a rest from the extra weight. Fragile strands, over time, can easily snap under all that pressure. Let your natural hair breathe for one to two weeks before getting your next braid fix.


There you have it, simple ways to keep your box braids fresh and fabulous. We hope that you found something to add to your regimen. We recommend doing some or all of these things to see great results in your box braids.

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