Africa's Best Kids Originals Softening System


Natural and Organic Conditioning Gently Softens Hair for Easy Manageability with Esxtra Virgin Olive Oil Softening and Strengthening Complex.

Mom's asked for a gentle, easy and worriless way to soften their daughter's hair with out over-straightening. We listened and are pleased to introduce an extraordinary way to experience amazing manageability. Olive oil ultra-gentle hair softening system uses natural, organic conditioning to gently release your daughter's hard to manage, coarse hair texture, making it easier to comb and style.

Our new extra virgin olive oil softening & strengthening complex instantly penetrates and fortifies the hair shaft to help prevent breakage, damage and over-straightening. Hair is strengthened while its softens. This remarkable hair softening system can be used on natural (virgin) hair or hair that has been previously relaxed.