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KISS Complete Acrylic Sculpture Kit

KISS Complete Acrylic Sculpture Kit

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5 complete applications + up to 10 fills. Flexible, comfortable fit for lasting wear

Kit Contains:

  • 24 white tips, 40 natural tips, 20 sculpture nail forms, 
  • Apple fresh acrylic liquid masking formula 2 mL (0.07 fl oz.)
  • Acrylic liquid 14 mL (0.50 fl oz.), acrylic powder 9 g (0.33 oz), acrylic primer 9 mL (0.33 fl oz.)
  • Maximum speed nail glue net wt. 3 g (0.10 oz)
  • Professional acrylic brush, white buff block, dipping dish, 2-way nail file, manicure stick, storage container, instruction sheet.
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