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KISS GelPress Starter Kit (GPS01)

KISS GelPress Starter Kit (GPS01)

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The latest & greatest DIY salon nails: Do a gel manicure exactly like a pro, for less time and money! Revolutionary pre-sculpted gel nail extension kit has all you need, including a hands-free LED curing lamp, just like the pros use.

  • Specially formulated Gel Adhesive & nails provide durable wear
  • 56 XL length full cover tips (28 coffin and 28 square) for multiple manis
  • Mini LED lamp for quick curing and long-lasting wear
  • KIT CONTAINS: gel ADHESIVE 13.5 mL (0.46 US fl. oz.), Primer 6.7 mL (0.22 US fl. oz.), 28 XL Coffin Full Cover Clear Nails, 28 XL Square Full Cover Clear Nails, Mini LED Lamp, USB Cable, Nail File, Manicure Stick
  • Results last up to 21 days with easy soak-off removal
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