MilkyWay Human Hair MasterMix ShortCut Series - Oprah Cosmo 3pcs


You’ll be tossing your head with glee when you see the MilkyWay Que Short Cut Series Weave – Oprah Cosmo 3PCS! This weave is quick and easy; just sew them in, shake and go! Whether you choose straight or curly, there are 13 shades to pick from—including an outrageous red! You’ll love the look, color, and texture, but most of all you’ll love how long they last! Made from a special combination called Human Hair Mastermix, it’s a blend of human and synthetic with all the advantages of both and has With Track/Weft, too. You’ll notice more volume in the long-lasting curls, and you’ll love how smooth and tangle-free your hair is, too! The hardest part will be choosing the color you like best, so you might want to plan on choosing several!