Soft & Beautiful Botanicals


The Perfect Mix System provides you with assurance that the relaxer system is properly mixed. Formulated with aloe, sunflower and sage to minimize irritation, Soft & Beautifulå¨ Botanicals conditions your hair and scalp throughout the relaxing process. This sensitive scalp formula combines gentle relaxing and superior straightening results. The pleasant guava-mango fragrance provides a soothing aromatherapy experience while relaxing your hair.

Soft & Beautifulå¨ Botanicals products will keep your relaxed hair looking healthy.

åá Formulated to Protect Hair During Relaxing Process

åá Minimizes Damage & Breakage

åá Leaves Hair Soft, Silky & Healthy-Looking

Kit Contains

Botanicals No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer (7.5 oz, 212 g) Botanicals Liquid Activator, Regular (1.8 fl oz, 53 ml) Botanicals Colour Code Neutralizing Shampoo (2 fl oz, 59 ml) Botanicals Leave-In Conditioner (1 fl oz, 29.5 ml) Protective Gel (1/4 oz, 7 g)