Hawaiian Silky No Base Mild


No Base Relaxer Allows for thorough relaxing without the hassle of applying base Creme. This formula has protective oils blended with the relaxer Creme that coat the scalp and prevent burning and is excellent for color-treated hair.

WARNING: Read professional instructions thoroughly before proceeding with relaxing. Follow instructions precisely. Failure to do so could cause skin burns, hair loss, or eye injury. If patron has ever experienced an allergic reaction to a relaxer, if scalp has cuts or abrasions, is sensitive or sore, do not use relaxer.


Retouch previously relaxed hair should be done only on new growth (see instructions). Should skin or scalp irritation occur during application, rinse out immediately and neutralize with a neutralizing shampoo. If the condition persists or should hair loss occur, patron should consult a physician. Keep Cream Conditioning No Base Relaxer out of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If cream contacts any of these ears, rinse immediately with cool water. If accidentally swallowed, contact physician immediately.


Preliminary Strand Test: (Do Not Pre-Shampoo) Take a small amount of Creme Conditioning No Base Relaxer and apply to several strands of hair. If any signs or damage or breakage occurs, do not use product until hair had been conditioned and retested. Leave on for no longer than 10 minutes and note relaxation of hair.

I. APPLICATION Wear protective gloves. DO NOT PRE-SHAMPOO. Part hair in 4 sections. Set time for 8 minutes. Start timer and application in more resistant area. Apply to front of hair line test. Begin smoothing with fingers or back of comb where first applied. Continue until hair is relaxed. (Virgin Hair) - Apply one inch from scalp on shaft only (Avoid ends). When shaft is straight apply to root area and ends. RETOUCH - Apply to regrowth only, as close to scalp as possible.

II. RELAXING If hair has not relaxed sufficiently during 8 minute application period use time table below. If patron shows any signs of discomfort, remove relaxer immediately. (DO NOT EXCEED SUGGESTED TIME).

III. RINSING When desired results are achieved, rinse hair thoroughly with a strong force of Tepid water until hair is free of relaxer. KEEP STRAIT AS POSSIBLE DURING RINSING.

IV. NEUTRALIZING Lather twice or more with Hawaiian Silky Neutralizing Shampoo. For No Base Relaxer, rinse with cool water and keep hair as strait as possible. Towel blot, removing as much moisture as possible. Set as usual with a setting lotion.

CAUTION: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from open flames.