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Just For Me

Just for Me Relaxer Regular

Just for Me Relaxer Regular

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Loosen your child's curls with Soft and Beautiful Just For Me relaxing conditioner. It moisturizes as it relaxes, leaving your child with stronger, healthy-looking hair.

åá Formulated to Protect the Hair During Relaxing Process

åá Minimizes Damage & Breakage

åá Leaves Hair Soft, Silky and Healthy-Looking

Kit Contains:

åá 2 packets - Protection Pre-Relaxer Treatment (1/2 oz, 14.2 g)

åá No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer Regular (7.5 oz, 212 g)

åá Liquid Activator Regular (1.8 fl oz, 53 ml)

åá Colour Code Neutralizing Shampoo (2 fl oz, 59 ml)

åá 2 packets - HMC (Hair Moisturizing Complex) (0.5 fl oz, 14.8 ml)

åá 1 packet - Oil Moisturizing Lotion (1/2 fl oz, 14.8 ml)

åá 1 packet - Protective Gel (1/4 oz, 7g)

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