Mane Choice Daily Hair Dressing


About the product....
  • HEALTHY HAIR NECESSITY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Doesn't Get Much BUTTER Than This is a healthy hair necessity for the entire family. Made with avocado, coconut, and shea butter, this nourishing hair wax provides full coverage to your hair to ensure every strand becomes shinier, stronger and more moisturized.
  • NOURISHES & STRENGTHENS: Featuring a perfect, pure botanical blend of healthy hair, this incredible hair butter is formulated to deeply penetrate the hair shaft with moisture and nutrients while leaving your hair feeling soft and rejuvenated.
  • ULTIMATE SHINE: Are you tired of applying oils day after day and your hair is still dry and brittle? If your hair lacks life and shine, then this product is for you. Doesn't Get Much BUTTER Than This adds shine and luster as you‰۪ve never seen before! Packed with the perfect botanical blend, this hair butter, enhances hair shine, strength, and manageability. Your hair will be visibly shiny, strong and healthy!
  • PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH AND RETENTION: The Mane Choice Doesn't Get Much BUTTER Than This supports the natural hair growth and retention. Its formula enriched with Biotin and Avocado Oil promotes healthier, longer and thicker hair.
  • NO MORE BREAKAGE: The Mane Choice Doesn't Get Much BUTTER Than This is formulated to strengthen while fighting shedding and breakage. Its unique formula improves manageability and elasticity minimizing possible hair damages and breakages.