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WaveBuilder Spin'n Classic Wave Cream

WaveBuilder Spin'n Classic Wave Cream

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Hold Waves Firmly in Place, Adds Definition, Non Greasy, No Buildup, Adds Superior Shine, The More you Train the more Waves you get.

The original wave cream returns
Great for building classic old school looks
Stronger hold than Spin'n Waves
Adds definition
Non greasy
No build-up
The more you train the more waves you get

Wavebuilder products are specifically made for those with curly to extremely curly hair. These type of textured hair have the ability to develop into a stylish wave pattern. Three main Wavebuilder products will help one style and hold a maximum wave result. Wavebuilder pomade, gels, holding cream, and texturizer will keep the style intact. Moreover, the correct use of brushing is a vital maintenance process that needs much attention.

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