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Wild Growth

Wild Growth Light Oil

Wild Growth Light Oil

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Just a few drops for never before achieved longer and thicker hair, eye brow and lash growth. Lasting moisture, Anti-Grab / Glide-Through handling breakage protection (grooming, braids, weaves and wigs). Use in shampoo or co-wash and on wet hair for added protection and growth. Web damp or dry hair conditioning for 24/7 growth and protection. De-funks, de-gunks and controls breakage & flakiness with protective styles. Light in body, scent and colour. Perfect hot oil.

Prevents dryness by holding moisture for extended periods and provides glide-through grooming without breakage. Light bodied, highly lubricating, scalp debris disintegrating/freshening, colorless with a natural deodorizing scent. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer will provide protection for hair when in protective styles by keeping hair continually moisturized, slippery without oiliness, with no build up, flakiness or odor.

Wild Growth Light Oil growth nutrition formula is good for all hair types and has natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties.

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